We have a name

We generally avoid having special names for services. Our Catalogue is ‘The Catalogue’, and so on. We avoid specialist terms (OPAC, a term I’ve always felt was never required in the first place!), or product names (Metalib).

However, when it comes to the service being created in the CReDAUL project this didn’t work. It wasn’t replacing an existing service but creating something new: a catalogue of records from both the Universities of Sussex and Brighton Libraries. Frankly we couldn’t go around referring to the ‘Joint University of Sussex and University of Brighton Libraries Catalogue thing‘ – we needed a name.

So we held a competition amongst staff to come up with a name. We had a lot of entries, nearly a full page of A4, we have very creative staff!

In the end we decided on…..

sabre : Sussex and Brighton Resource Explorer

In my experience the words that make up acronyms tend to be lost over the course of time (COPAC, UKOLN) the name becomes just that, a name. And it’s the name we will push, a long with a brief sentence as to explain what it is (currently: Searching across Sussex and Brighton University Libraries).

Personally, I really like the name, it is easy to pronounce and is short and simple. We also asked a member of staff to come up with a logo, and an hour later he come up with three. There were all amazing!

So the homepage to the new service – sabre – currently looks like this:

sabre homepage

sabre homepage

We’ll be using the new name and logo in publicity for the new service. I couldn’t be happier with the end result.


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