This project is partly being funded by the JISC as part of their Library Management Systems Programme (referred to as jisclms). The JISC provide services and fund projects related to developing University IT, Libraries, web services, e-learning and research.

The various projects (all based at UK Universities) which are being funded by jisclms recently met up in Glasgow for a two day meeting. This was a incredibly productive event, to discover what others are working on,  share experiences and , and discuss areas and issues which we currently face with library management systems. The latter included issues around OSS LMS (what are the issues, and how could they see the introduction in UK academic libraries), Shared Electronic Resource Management and Usability/User Experience.  What was clear was that the benefit of the projects as whole was greater than the sum of each project combined. Each project requires that University to reuse, open up, or export data in a new way. It forces openness and the net effect is that there will be multiple people around the UK who have recent experience in using LMS data and using it with new applications. This helps create a community who and share and promote such innovation, and help others who are interested in trying such things. It helps to set a ball rolling, or rather, gives a ball which was starting to move slowly a very big push.


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