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This is the project blog for the JISC CReDAUL project. CReDAUL stands for “Combing Resource Discovery Across University Libraries”.

In a nutshell: We are going to select an Open Source Resource Discovery web application, choosing between either Blacklight or VuFind, and set it up to contain the library catalogue records of both the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton. Its primary users will be the medical school.


Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) is a joint venture between the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton and admitted its first cohort of undergraduates in 2003. Students and staff of the School have full access to the facilities and resources, including the libraries, of each university.

Medical Students see themselves as belonging to one institution – BSMS – and therefore expect to use one system when searching for books and resources, rather than the two separate library catalogues that they currently need to search. Members of BSMS also have access to the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust Library. A future path could be to bring the NHS in to this service.

The CReDAUL project will…

  • Develop a set of requirements, and select either VuFind or Blacklight against these criteria.
  • Install the selected software and set it up for our needs
  • Add records from both Library systems
  • Carry out User needs analysis and testing, carried out by an academic who specialises in this area.
  • Write up our findings in a case study so that others may learn for our experience.

It is part of the JISC 12/09 Funding Call ‘Enhancing Library Management Systems’. It comes under Theme A ‘Use of new resource discovery interfaces’.

The project is based at the University of Sussex, with help from the University of Brighton and BSMS. It runs between 19th April – 15th October 2010.

Useful links

Blacklight Catalogue SoftwareBlacklight

VuFind Catalogue Softwarevufind

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